In this fast-growing world, nobody rely on has time to sit down and read the newspaper fully as each moment matters. However, to grow staying updated is very much important and so to help you save your time and help you read the news as per your convenience, we have curated a list of some of the best apps for business news that you can rely upon for true information.

For those in the business world, it’s important to follow a business on a daily basis and business news apps have been truly reliable for the same.

News Apps for Businesses

Business Today App

Business Today App is one of the most preferred apps as it is known for covering each of the business-related aspects which includes stocks, gold, international markets, personal finance, and much more. The app is structured flawlessly, it begins with covering the basic business news which is later followed by the different bulletins covering the breaking news and hot-topics along with FAQs and in-depth explanations.

Also, you can use this app to keep track of the stock market prices. The other sections of the app involve corporate news, galleries and videos.

Mint Business News

Mint Business News is another most popular app in our list of best apps for business news, the app gained immense popularity mainly because of its fast pace which is remarkable. You will be provided constant updates about whats happening around the business world at the earliest. The app is extremely user-friendly ensuring that users do not face any trouble while reading or while exploring the app.

The customization option has helped this app stand out against its opponents, here you can see information on topics that interests you the most without even searching for it. Be ready to receive constant updates from Forex, Commodities, Stocks along with Live tracking of the market.


Easy to understand and user-friendly interface makes AIShorts one of its kind business app. The app is best for coming across the true news, which means with this app downloaded on your smartphone, say no to fake news as it provides you with only verified news. The various topics covered under this app are business news and categories like auto, tech, corporate news, and so on. The dark mode of the app helps AlShorts to earn brownie points.

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